Lanarkshire Dog Training and Behaviour​​
(formerly Woofs & Wags)
Tel: 07961 917688 

We can help you with......
  1. Puppy Classes
    Over the course of 5 weeks, these classes will teach your puppy basic skills he or she will require in day to day life along with some fun things like some low level agility. Classes run for 5 consecutive weeks.
  2. 1 to 1 Puppy and Adult dog sessions
    4 weeks course, covering basic skills as per the puppy course or tailoring the sessions to suit your needs
  3. Puppy Behaviour Consultation & advice
    If you have just welcomed a new puppy into your home, be prepared for a rollercoaster. It is hard work having a puppy and some people feel overwhelmed by the chewing, biting, mouthing, toilet training, etc. Give us a call and we can come and give you some ways to cope with them.
  4. Puppy Package
    As having a puppy is a major event, I can offer a puppy package comprising consultation and advice, puppy class, and 3 follow up visits to help you settle your puppy in and set him or her on the right path. Please enquire about pricing.
  5. Walk & Train service
    This service provides your pup with a one hour walk and train service. I take your pup for a training session for 1 hour including pick up and drop off. I will cover basic skills like focus and connected walking. More complex training and Behaviour work will be covered separately.
  6. Behaviour Modification
    If you are having behaviour issues with your dog, I can undertake an assessment and then work out a treatment plan depending on the problem. Common problems are biting, chewing, barking, toilet training, resource guarding, chasing..

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